Re: Dublin Core Meta Tags Resource?

More info on this request:

" Regarding Dublin Core, I seek to understand -when- it is appropriate to
their tags, and whether they -supplant- or -coexist- with regular meta tags.
That is my mission. I know which tags are out there, I don't have clear
understanding of their relationship to regular meta tags and when to use

I would really like to help him - he has written a free VBA Macro for
FrontPage 2000 that checks page HTML for;

(A) <TITLE>: present and first element in <HEAD> section

(B) Meta Tags present;

(C)That (foreground) images use ALT-TEXT, specify HEIGHT and WIDTH.

Wahoo! I've asked him to add a check for the DOCTYPE declaration and sent
him this link:

~ Kathleen Anderson
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> Hi:
> I received the following question today from a FrontPage newsgroup member:
> "I wonder if you know of a resource that is as clear about the use of
> Core meta tags?"
> Can anyone provide a resource?
> Thank you,
> ~ Kathleen Anderson
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