Re: Interesting model of "friendly guidelines wrapper"

As I might be late for to days meeting a short comment on the site:
They use a very large font, I would prefer a smaller font and let the user
change it themselves. 
The comment on color and contrast, I think one should avoid  mentioning
specific colors except as an example and instead point to e.g. the
Lighthouse's website on color and contrast. In Denmark we  have a similar
text (in Danish) at the State Information Office website on accessibility  the Danish government's
recommendations for Governmental websites, In this document we strongly
emphasis the WAI documents and recommendations as the core publications and
if in doubt do as the WCAG says.
I looked at the checklist
Where I found this:  "Descriptive ALT text should let the user know what an
image is and the purpose of that image" I prefer the text from the quick
tips card "... to describe the  function ...." 
The Basic page I find is not specific enough on who is the target audience:
Do they know HTML or not? If yes it has to be more specific and if no it's
to technical. In the HTML paragraph  there is html code and none in the
other parts. There is no index/links to paragraphs on the page. 
Hope to catch up with you later to day.
Kind regards
Helle Bjarno
Visual Impairment Knowledge Centre
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mail: Rymarksvej 1, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark.

Received on Friday, 14 July 2000 07:07:53 UTC