Re: WAI pro bonum competition?


I would not recommend that we organize a competition among Web publishers
to create a flash or shockwave version of the WAI homepage. We will be
updating the look and organization of the WAI homepage, but not by using
flash or shockwave.

You seem unsure whether you have said clearly enough that you do not like
how the WAI home page looks or works; please be assured that you have.
Others have made some very good suggestions on how to improve the home
page. Not everyone agrees with the particular approaches that you have
frequently advocated for the page. But as time and resources permit, rest
assured that the page will be changing. Your suggestion would slow down
rather than speed up that process.

And over time we are creating a broader range of entry points, and variety
of content to go behind those entry points, for visitors. Some of that
includes the types of resources we are developing in EOWG discussions now.

- Judy

At 10:28 AM 7/13/00 -0700, jonathan chetwynd wrote:
>Could we organise a competition amongst web publishers to create a (flash,
>or shockwave animation?) multimedia homepage for WAI?
>This would enable publishers to consider their and their clients attitudes
>to accessibility.
>Enable us to consider how we present WAI to the public.
>If used, these resources could provide a broader range of  entry points for
>visitors, and outreach talks.
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