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eEurope Action Lines and WAI

From: Daniel Dardailler <Daniel.Dardailler@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:12:25 +0200
Message-Id: <200006200912.e5K9CPp09752@zidane.inria.fr>
To: w3c-wai-eo@w3.org

I just received these pointers to the eEurope plan from Francisco

Carlos, this fulfills your action to send them to the list :-)


You can find the draft action plan prepared by the European
Commission for the European Council in Feira at (long URL)

and the plans concerning people with disabilities at (long URL again)
with the following measures:

eEurope 2002 Targets:

By the end of 2001:
Adoption of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines for public
Actors: European Commission, Member States

By the end of 2002:

Publication of "Design for all" standards for accessibility of information
technology products, in particular to improve the employability of people
with disabilities.
Actors European Commission, Private Sector

Review relevant legislation and standards to ensure conformity with
accessibility principles.
Actors: European Commission, Member States

Ensure the establishment and networking of national centres of excellence in
design-for-all and create a European curriculum for designers and engineers.
Actors: European Commission, Member States

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