Re: Policy monitoring


The technology world has been talking about digital signatures for quite
awhile.  As I have brought up before, there is a gap between the technology
world and the disabled world.  Most people in the disabled world
don't have the background to understand technology implications.
Most people in technology don't care about access.

As long as the disabled world keeps itself isolated from what is on the
forefront in technology, these things will keep happening.  Also,
intervention at the policy level can be too late.  The intervention
needs to occur when the technology is being developed so that when
it comes to policy/legal issues, there is the technology in place.

I strongly believe that there needs to be a council where leaders in technology
outside of the disabled world meet with people in the disabled world
to start looking at strategies when new technology appears.


> From Thu Jun 15 19:03:33 2000
> From: (William Loughborough)
> When the Digital Signatures act appeared, the story said it had been
> being worked on for a year. How did we miss this? This law will have
> major impact on the community yet none of the lists I'm on ever
> mentioned that it was in the works hence we never (to my rather
> imperfect knowledge) had any opportunity for input to the process.
> How can we prevent this sort of thing from coming as a complete surprise
> again?
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> Love.

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