Australian inquiry report released (fwd)


Interesting reading (and relatively concise ;-) At first glance.

They point to W3C work as the obvious reference point, although they also
discuss (elsewhere in the document) that standards produced by other bodies
are not necessarily legislation/regulation, even when they are the standard

charles McCN

For those interested, the report of HREOC's inquiry into access to
ecommerce for people with disabilities and older people has now been
tabled by the Attorney-General and is available via the disability
rights section of the HREOC site .

A press release and summary of recommendations are also available - via
the HREOC news and information page . There will be a link to
this material from the disability rights page shortly.

Apologies to those that receive this message several times through
different lists - this is one of the reasons I try to keep these
messages short.

David Mason
Director, Disability Rights policy, HREOC

Received on Friday, 9 June 2000 22:56:56 UTC