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RE: Training page -- new draft, please comment

From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 20:37:38 -0400
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To: <ssethuraman@cast.org>, "EOWG" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>

At 04:47 PM 6/8/00 -0400, Sheela Sethuraman wrote:
>Firstly, my apologies for not putting up my version of this trainings page.
>I was planning to do it today, but Judy beat me to it!!

Thanks for your extensive and thoughtful comments. If you still want to put
your page up, please feel free, and send us a pointer; or feel free to
tweak the zipfile of these pages, & post for comment.

>Some thoughts.
>1. I like the use of style sheets. It is a great way to 'chunk' information.

And fun to learn & use; both the CSS book by Håkon Lie & Bert Bos, and the
one by Eric Myers, are helpful.

>2. I think the 'planning' page is coming together. In my opinion, the
>planning page should contain enough information so that a trainer can
>quickly get a sense of all the elements he/she needs to cover by looking at
>that single page. It should act like a list of check points and if he/she
>wants more information, the hyperlinks should be be used. 

Right, a checklist...

>Given that goal,
>the section on this page called 'Arrange Resources in Advance' is probably
>the most well constructed. The four points under this section -'Consider
>online or off-line presentation modes', 'Arrange equipment', 'Order W3C/WAI
>materials in advance' and 'Check need for accessible formats' all provide
>concrete informtion. I like the way each of these are hyperlinked to the
>same page. I don't think 'Determine Needs and Expectations' and 'Choose
>Resources and Approaches' are constructed as well. In the second
>particularly, the title of the section is repeated again as a point below
>it. I think we can definitely come up with 3 points (each not more than 8-10
>words) that can serve as checkpoints for 'choosing resources and

Good point. Let's discuss approaches at the meeting tomorrow.

>Here is a thought for 'Determine Needs and Expectations' section. How about
>changing the heading to read 'Gather information about needs and scope'? The
>points under that would be 'Find out audience needs and expectations in
>advance', 'Discuss potential learning objectives with your host', 'Know the
>skill level of your audience', 'Determine the duration of your session'.
>Something like that...Not more than 4 points, but 4 important points. Then
>similar to the 'Arrange Resources in Advance' section, these could all be
>hyperlinked to the same page if folks need more information on each.

If we could do it in no more than three points for each H2, then we would
keep that first page from becoming too overwhelming. Let's discuss. Or
others may want to comment on this point on the list.

>3. Currently, the planning page seems parallel to the rest if you look at
>the hyperlink navigation scheme on the top of the page. This can confuse
>users. They should know that even if they drill down they can always come
>back to a 'launch' page (i.e. the planning page) to get an overview and
>continue down the list of checkpoints. It may be a good idea to called it
>some slightly different. 'Planning Overview', maybe? Also, we need to
>visually indicate that the other four links (objectives, resources,
>arranging, perspectives) are 'under' the planning page-not parallel to it.

Right. Hmmm. What about just "Overview" for the first one? And then how
could we differentiate the next ones; perhaps just naming it like that
would accomplish the objective?

>4. I don't know if William was referring to this, but the user is often
>forced to use the 'back button' once he/she selects a link from the planning
>page. That is because the link from the main page usually takes you right to
>the section (eg. Arranging Equipment) and if your window is small, you
>cannot see the navigation scheme at the top of the page. 

Yeah, one kind of feels lost when one lands in the middle of a page.

>Maybe after every
>chunk, there should be a link that says 'Back to Planning Overview'. On many
>pages, we see a 'Top' link that takes you back to the top where you have
>your navigation scheme'. 

We could discuss "top" or "back" options in the meeting.

>Some web pages have all the navigation as a
>sidebar, so this is not as much an issue. 

We could always use frames <grin>.

CSS positioning is still iffy in terms of browser implementations, no?
Anyone have new updates on that?

>I don't think users will know that
>they need to scroll back to the top to navigate back. We should not rely on
>the back button as the only way to get back.


>5. It was a little confusing to have each objective link to example
>resources and approaches. That has been mentioned in the learning objectives
>section, but maybe it needs to be emphasized more. Visually, we might want
>to make that sentence bold or italicized, or something like that.

I'm not at all sure it's the best organization yet. But I haven't figured
out another way. There's too much on the resources and approaches page. 

>6. I haven't reviewed the content of resources and approaches very closely.
>I will try to do that before the meeting.
>Looks good!!

Thanks for your comments!

>Sheela Sethuraman

- Judy

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>Comments on the training page set from others (e.g. besides William and me)?
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>>Subject: Training page -- new draft, please comment
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>>Based on discussion at our last meeting, I experimented with some different
>>formats, and invite comment on the mailing list (in advance of the EOWG
>>meeting please) on this new version of the training page(s). I haven't
>>received other versions from people, so I am posting this.
>>I found myself aiming more towards Rob's comments, of keeping especially
>>the top page as lean as possible (sorry Sheela, but see what you think).
>>There are now five pages, linked in one set, with nothing more than one
>>level down.
>>We need to fill in the "perspectives" page, with brief blurbs (let's say
>>150 - 250 words) describing different people's approaches (e.g. audience,
>>length of session, learning objective(s), key resources, favorite
>>approaches, five-point outline). If you frequently do trainings, please
>>draft a perspective and send it to the EOWG list. We may end up selecting a
>>representative variety.
>>Here's where the new set of pages start:
>>	http://www.w3.org/WAI/training
>>Please take the time to comment on content also, especially for the
>>"resources and approaches" page.
>>- Judy
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