Alt Text with Advertisements

Many web pages are supported by the advertisements (ADVTS) they deliver.
The delivered ADVTS should have ALT-text. Those ADVTS may be provided by a 
consolidator selecting from many sources. Possibly the particular delivered 
ADVTS are shaped by user actions. Make sure that alt-text comes along
with those ADVTS.

This request is a result of the joint UA/WG meeting 2000-05-04, where
Gregory Rosmaita suggested that EO should encourage the advertising
service providers to include appropriate alt-text with their ADVTS,
and to require their sources of those ADVTS to provide them. Most ADVTS
are highly visual now, and miss a significant part of their audience
if those alt-text are lost, or made meaningless when the alt-text value
is derived from their filenames, or is the generic "click here".

[HB: It may also be appropriate to encourage longdesc to be delivered,
in anticipation that someday browsers will support following the longdesc.]

Regards/Harvey Bingham

Received on Thursday, 4 May 2000 18:37:05 UTC