RE: conflict between alternate EO telecon and regular GL telecon


Please note, as mentioned earlier in the thread, that we are not attempting
to replace the regular EOWG meeting time, but rather to add a time at which
people can participate in EOWG discussion who are unable to attend our
existing time. 

We are not trying to accomplish miracles, but rather to create an alternate
meeting time to broaden geographic participation.

I think this is sufficient discussion; I'll go about checking the bridges
and various weeknight choices.

- Judy

At 06:24 PM 4/14/00 -0400, Alan Cantor wrote:
>>How about 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. US Eastern? Either of those should give a
>>time that is near the end of the work-day for US West Coasters, and at the
>>beginning of the work-day for Pacific Rimmers; and US Easterners will for
>>the most part at least still be awake.
>Our colleagues in Europe who are not nighthawks may miss these meetings. It
>may not be possible to accommodate everyone in all 24 time zones.
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