Re: conflict between alternate EO telecon and regular GL telecon

Wouldn't help the Pacific Rim - 2 pm is 4am in Melbourne. The Pacific rim
timezones are two or three hours either side of that...


On 13 Apr 2000, geoff freed wrote:

  would moving to a mid-day meeting, like 2:00pm boston time, help anyone?
  On Wednesday, April 12, 2000, Judy Brewer <> wrote:
  >Any comments on Gregory's comment here?
  >A few thoughts: This proposed alternate EOWG meeting time is by no means
  >mandatory -- it is an auxiliary meeting slot, so if individuals also active
  >in the WCAG WG choose that meeting over the EOWG meeting, that is fine;
  >what seems problematic is that the 4:00 p.m. US Eastern is now too early to
  >be a useful time for anyone who might be interested in this group from
  >Japan or Australia/Eastern Time. And I've got a conflict if we move it
  >later on Thursday.
  >Comments welcome.
  >At 06:30 PM 4/5/00 -0400, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
  >>aloha, judy!
  >>on the list of upcoming meetings contained on the EO home page
  >>there is a meeting scheduled for 4pm on Thursday, April 13, which conflicts 
  >>with the regularly scheduled Web Contents Guidelines (GL) working group's 
  >>teleconference (Thursdays at 4pm, Boston time -- check
  >><> for further details)
  >>this, i fear, will prove problematic, as the alternate Thursday telecons 
  >>for the EO WG were expressly set up for the benefit of those who can't 
  >>participate in the regularly scheduled EO meetings due to the hour -- 
  >>8:30am Boston time -- at which they are held...  in particular, it was 
  >>deemed an appropriate time to facillitate participation in the EO WG for 
  >>individuals living on slash in the Pacific Rim...
  >>the problem with the conflict, therefore, is that the GL working group is 
  >>what one might call deeply Aussie-fied -- as it is co-chaired by an 
  >>Australian, and has several other key Australian members (namely Charles 
  >>and Tim) who participate regularly in the GL call...
  >>one last point -- given that the U.S. and Europe have turned their clocks 
  >>forward, whilst others have turned theirs back, 4pm boston time is now 
  >>awfully early for people living in the pacific rim -- according to my 
  >>calculations, it translates into 8am in New Zealand (Auckland time), 6am in 
  >>Australia (Melbourne time), and 5am in Japan (Tokyo time), which defeats 
  >>the purpose of having an alternate meeting time...  would it, therefore, be 
  >>possible to reschedule the alternate EO meeting at a later time -- perhaps 
  >>8pm Boston time?
  >>is this as big a problem as i anticipate it might prove to be?  i know that 
  >>i would prefer to participate in a Thursday meeting myself, as i have a 
  >>recurring conflict with the Friday meeting time...  if. however, i have to 
  >>choose between GL and EO, i will opt for the former...  i'd rather not be 
  >>faced with an either-or choice, but if -- for logistical reasons -- the 
  >>alternate call is locked into a 4pm Boston time slot, then i will only be 
  >>able to participate in EO via the list...
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