Fw: BizRate vs. Jupiter

FYI, here are companies that are doing serious research that industry execs
listen too.  I am in contact with these companies.

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Per your requeste, here is a brief overview of the difference in
methodology between BizRate.com and Jupiter:

BizRate is the only company that sits at the point-of-sale of over 2200
online merchants and continuously collects data from each purchase via a
standardized survey.  BizRate is currently collecting over 40,000
surveys each day that capture the most current and accurate feedback
from the online buyer.  From this, we aggregate the data and create a
variety of syndicated research products.  The BizRate methodology also
allows for the most unique custom research capabilities through blitz
surveys at the point-of-sale, data mining, and the use of an online
panel consisting of 70,000 panelists.

Jupiter research delivers insight into where a strategic issue stands
today, how the landscape will change and how clients should best
position themselves to benefit.  Quantitative data research and
qualitative analyst review, based on years of collective experience,
yield actionable recommendations. Jupiter's dedicated Data Research
group has access to proprietary consumer data, Executive Surveys, Web
site traffic data and a host of other in-house tools. Analysts
intelligently apply the appropriate research tool to the issues being
explored, illustrate their theories using real-world case studies and
build sophisticated, accurate forecast models to aid business planning.

 In short, the BizRate methodology is the most unique in that it captures
 online buyer data at the freshest point of retention.  No company has
 applied this methodology, least of all in the form of a standardized
 survey.  The most significant advantage of this methodology is that the
 level of accuracy of the data collected is far more reliable than that
 collected by any other method, weeks or months after the actual sale,
 and often in a non-standardized format.  By using a standardized survey,
 BizRate also has the best resources to allow benchmarking for online

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