Fw: barriers to accessibility

Hi Jonathan:

I have a friend with a learning disability.

I told her about my job.

I told her about you.

I told her you are trying to help.

Help people with learning disabilities
and non-readers use the web.

She said some things help.

Some things help her understand.

Keep sentences small and simple.

Space between sentences helps.

Is this right?

Thank you for these two references.

I've read the first, but not the second.

I remember a comment you made once.

You said that for your clients, something like 99.99% of the web is

I think you are right.

I want to help spread awareness of this.

I think both the totally blind (myself)
and non-readers face major challenges.

I think future technology may create more.

You have helped me better understand your clients.  Thank you.

Can you help me more?

As I said, I read the first reference.

Can you help me check my understanding?

Voice synthesis like mine does not help all your clients?

The first reference had two groups.

One was the learning disabled.

The other "impairments in intelligence"
Is this label good?

People with "impairments of intelligence" mmust have graphics, but
people with learning disabilities may not need graphics?

Thanks again.
Keep up the good work!


Steven McCaffrey
Information Technology Services

Received on Saturday, 23 October 1999 04:00:50 UTC