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Re: Next steps for the establishment of site gallery and reviewer groups

From: jonathan chetwynd <jonathan@signbrowser.free-online.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:19:14 +0100
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I am not fully aware of this development.

I do ot accept that reviewing be in private, if possible.

Reviewers are aware that their comments are public, and unless their reply
address is W3.org it is recognised that their comments are not official.

I certainly circulate materials to peers for comments before replying, and
this could be compromised.

LD, SN, cognitive impairment, call it what you will, is a complex problem
and if someone can take the time to review their needs and also attempt to
relate that to the qualities of a site, it needs all the publicity it can

It is certainly strange to expect that a 'black box' is going to generate
useful information, currently reviewing is about as useful a task as could
be done.

Reviewers could of course and do contact each other offline.

I am awaiting a list of sites deemed to be accessible to cog dis clients.
If they are suitable, these clients will give criticisms that will be

Jonathan Chetwynd

Search the www with pictures at

It appears to be a great idea, lets get it going and please keep it public.

Send us your links
We value your comments
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