Web Content Accessiblity Guidelines

Hi, I am a student in Kin Bartlett's class at HTML Writer's Guild.  I
took the tour of your accessibility project. I am using a Gateway
computer with Windows 98 installed and IE5 as a browser. I found that I
could not scroll on any of the pages. The text became blurred by
repeating itself downward as I scrolled, therefore, I could only access
the tops of the pages. This meant I had to keep using the back button to
try to get to the previous page and then go back to the current page in
order to continue to use the arrows.

Overall, I think it is a good learning tool. I think you have done a
good job in dividing up the topics and explaining how they should be
applied. There are some topics that are rather weak. The portion on some
of the newer tags that have been created need more explanation. I think
you posted a message stating that you wanted more information on those
topics. My opinion is that this tool could not be used alone if the user
has no prior knowledge of HTML. I think it's a good tool to supplement
an HTML class such as the one Kin is running at the current time. I plan
to return to the site whenever I have a question about how I should be
writing code or what I can do to avoid old practices such as using
tables for layout that would include old browsers.

The layout of the pages is very nice. The font is large and easy to
read. I had no problems reading, but it isn't something that a person
can read at one sitting. I think it would advantageous to use it as a
trouble shooting tool. Something a student or author can return to from
time to time as they code their pages.

All, in all, this is a good project. Keep up the good work! and thanks
for your efforts.

Nancy Delaney

Received on Tuesday, 15 June 1999 19:42:56 UTC