Re: Possible example 11.3

Thanks for the tip Laurie. I visited Kynn Bartlett's AWARE page.  He really
has got a neat example there.  If I can't figure out how to create a
similar example (one with fewer choices), I will ask him if I can include a
link to his page.


At 11/06/99 10:27 AM , Laurie Harrison wrote:
>Example for Checkpoint 11.3 - Provide information so that users may
>documents according to their preferences.  This checkpoint refers to
>content negotiation and we don't have an example for that. Can anyone
>Kynn Bartlett's new AWARE page allows users to choose their CSS display
>Once selected, it sets a cookie and remembers your preferences.... not
>an e.g. of language, content type, but a good innovation.
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