WCAG Curriculum Update: June 2, 1999

Hi folks...

Thanks for all your recent comments.  Another update has been made to the

* Fixes to the example slides for Checkpoint 1.3 (sam19-0.htm), Checkpoint
1.4 (sam20-0.htm) and their supporting pages: mmsoftwr.htm and mmsmil.htm. 

* A new .zip file for the CAR multimedia example is available on the site. 

* Technical and content changes were made to sample slides for Checkpoint
6.1 (sam51-0.htm), Checkpoint 6.4 (sam56-0.htm) and Checkpoint 9.3
(sam70-0.htm). These changes should have the effect of fixing the style
sheet problem encountered by Netscape users and improving the understanding
of the examples. 

* Also made some changes to the form examples for Checkpoint 94
(sam71-0.htm and sam72-0.htm), changing radio buttons to check boxes to
better show the TABINDEX feature at work (at least in IE4). Tabindex seems
to be problematic in other browsers.

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