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PDF and Accessibility - Guideline 11.

From: Neff, Robert <Robert.Neff@usmint.treas.gov>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 07:28:16 -0400
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Greg (I cant get to the w3c web site this morning, can you pls pass to

Here is some feedback from the web community.  There is confusion on PDF and
the rating system and what is acceptable and what is not.  People are
confused on how to interpret Guidleine 11.  Would you or someone from the
W3C pls clarify - soonest.  Here is the issue.

PDF is a non-w3c format so it cannot be Priority 2.  Since it cant be
priority 2, then it cant be <AA>.  PDF can only be <A>. 

If PDF is converted to HTML, then the page can be <AA> or <AAA> if the HTML
is <AA> or <AAA> compliant.  So PDF can be <AA> only if a properly generated
HTML page is also used.

Then the same would go for Shockwave.  We are FLASH to generate maps with
data.  The Objects use the ALT and TITLE tag, and we also provide a text
alternative. Therfore we can be <AA>.  Pls note, we could be <AAA> except
for the fact that we use tables for formating. 
If we did not provide the text could we be <AAA> because we use Object's ALt
and Title.  This is a hypothetical question.

If this is not the correct email address for Greg, could someone please
forward this to him.  

Many thanks!  rob
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