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Response to Jim Allan's comments on WCAG slides

From: Chuck Letourneau <cpl@starlingweb.com>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 09:18:09 -0400
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Message-Id: <4.1.19990501114635.0096f390@host.igs.net>
To: allan_jm@tsb1.tsbvi.edu
Cc: w3c-wai-eo@w3.org

Thanks for your detailed and useful comments and suggestions.  You posted
most of the following directly to me, but I am replying publicly to the
list.  Jim, you have already seen MOST of my responses, but not all.
Please note that you will not see the changes until I announce the next update.

My responses begin with "CPL:"

>http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/sam3-0.htm image map links go nowhere
would be good if it went to a dummy page that says "Section A" etc.

CPL: Agreed - Fixed.  Had to find an old server-side image map creation
utility to fix it, but I managed it.

>also, links to you and geoff at bottom of all pages are broken

CPL: Forgot to upload the author.htm file.  Fixed.

>http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/sam4-0.htm alt text of animated gif
should match language of the code example or visa versa.

CPL: Fixed.

>also the same gif cycles in IE and Opera, but plays only once in NC
(netscape communicator)

CPL: No clues on this one. Can anybody guess as to why that might be?  

>some strangeness with http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/sam9-0.htm  only
the heading stuff loads nothing appears after, in the "slidebody" or bottom
of the page stuff.

CPL: It does locally. Will check it out on the server.

>slides after http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/sam15-0.htm are not found

CPL: Simple reason for this... those slides not compiled at time you made
the comment.

>the link to the image <IMG SRC="img/xi-audio.gif" ALT="Sound file: Let's
work together for accessibility. " border=0> does not appear in any browser

CPL: It does locally. Will check it out on the server.

>on page http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/chk6-0.htm you need to add
"color: red" to style of second list item so the example makes sense

CPL: Added to the text of the example: (This example is intentionally
colorless to show the author that if the person visiting their page cannot
see color, they will miss the point the author is trying to make.)

>on page http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/chk10-0.htm near bottom it
would make more sense to me if the code example was below the example (as
it is in the top part of the slide) and the paragraph "this list was
created..." should be after the code example. When I first read "use CSS to
do your simple formatting" followed by a code example, I was expecting to
see styles in the code.

CPL: Please review my solution and tell me if it clears things up.

>in page http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/chk11-0.htm I was surprise to
see blockquote indent text make it italics and green. I understand it was
done to show what is in the blockquote, but it may confuse some who try the
code example and get indented words and no other formatting.

CPL: Fixed.

>on page http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/two/chk13-0.htm style sheets fall
apart in NC and Opera first tag bracket < become &lt (dropped a ; )

CPL: Fixed.

>if you move
><style type="text/css">.para {COLOR: #ff0000; FONT-SIZE: 130%}
>.linetwo {COLOR: #0000ff; FONT-SIZE: 70%; FONT-STYLE: italic}
>into the head then the style still works and the <div> doesn't break

CPL: Slidemaker utility doesn't allow inclusion of any HEAD (or commented)
information.  I will create the class and put them in the default
presentation style file (wca.css).  

>also, in the phrase "doesnt hurt to wean..." needs an appostrophe in doesn't

CPL: Yer right. It do.

>GL 4 and 3 differ markedly in font size??, the font changes intermittently
from page to page. I could not find a pattern. So, I played with the style
sheet some.
>BODY.gid {BACKGROUND: #eeeeff; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: arial,
helvetica, sans-serif; FONT-SIZE: 18pt; MARGIN-LEFT: 5%; MARGIN-RIGHT: 5%}
>changed FONT-SIZE: 18px to 18pt and it works in netscape for the 5 pages I
played with, and pages function normally in IE, and Opera.

CPL: I made a similar change to the master style sheets and the problem
does appear to be fixed.  CSS is fun, but sometimes annoying.

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