Re: Please get your events on Events page

Here are the events I am participating or presenting.

Robert Neff

. Acceptance Criteria and Design Requirements for the Statement of Work
. Accessibility Retrofit Case Study: Applying the W3C Guidelines
. Making Websites Accessible through Cascading Style Sheets
. WebSite and Application Development Using Software Configuration

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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 10:42 AM
Subject: Please get your events on Events page

>Was looking for the FedWeb'99 URL to give a colleague at US Dept of
>Veterans' Affairs, and it's not listed on our events page, yet I believe
>several WAI EOWG participants are presenting there...
>Can people please send Kitch and Jim your events, and make sure they are
>listed? thanks.
>And does anyone have the URL handy?
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