Re: WAI EOWG Agenda, April 2


Thanks very much for the feedback. A few comments threaded below.

At 08:16 PM 4/2/99 -0800, Robert Neff wrote:
>I though the Quicktips were the best thing since apple pie.  Now i say the
>Web Accessibility Initiative Overview is the best thing since the Quicktips!
>I am impressed, people will be able to really use this and understand it!
>Great message.
>Here are my comments on Slide 6, 7 and 14.
>Slide 6  Accessibility Contributes to Universal Design.
>1.  Shouldnt this be reversed, 'Universal Design  Contributes to Universal

I don't think it makes as much sense reversed, but I will try to make this
one clearer.

>2.  "driving, low bandwidth, noisy or noiseless environements, screen-glare"
>>From a cognitive perspective may want to move 'driving'  to the end and say
>'while driving' .  Driving by itself may be confusing from a syntax

You're right. Slightly less horrifying not encountering it first off, as well.

>Slide 7  Web Accessibility is a Requirement in Some Settings
>1.  For USA, would like to see ADA pertains or covers 'whom' and
>Rehab covers pertains or covers 'whom' (Not sure if 'covers' is the correct


>Slide 14,
>1. Link to Quicktips
>All slides.

I don't understand?

>1. Put buttons on bottom so people do not have scroll up to go back and

Yes. We had some good discussion on this in the meeting.


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