Re: Problem with netscape and style sheets

Unfortunately, if Netscape cannot find a stylesheet when it looks for one,
this problem arises (in a number of Netscape 4.x versions). The solution
is to ensure that you do not refer to a stylesheet which is not there.

(At least that's the only thing I have found to work, and so far it has
always worked for me)

Charles McCathieNevile

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Prof Norm Coombs wrote:

  On part of our web site we began using style sheets.  One of our users
  began to get "file not found" errors.  He is using Netscape 4.5
  On the pages with no css no problem.  Once he landed on a menu using css
  and clicked on a link, that link did not work.  He used other computers in
  his library but with same netscape and same problem.  
  We removed the css and he was ok.  
  Anyone had a problem like this?
  He also said since they went to the Netscape 4.5 that they have been unable
  to access the main NY Public Library web.
  Norman Coombs

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