Quicktips discussion

When I responded to the initial review of the draft quicktips, I failed to
comment on two areas and need to clarify another.

1.  Where we say, "Tables. Avoid using tables to format text columns. Make
sure cell-by-cell reading order makes sense for tabular data."  When I read
this I see navigation missing, that is, people use tables to format both
text and site navigation links.  Do we need to be more specific and address
navigation?  I think we are ambiguous here and appreciate comments.

2.  When I speak to groups a big question is, "How do I handle Font Size,
Color and Face."  To regress, remember some federal agencies require HTML
3.2 or 2 on the internet and intranets to ensure everyone can view their
site.  I do not see HTML being used by the government for a long while.
Even though Size, Color and Face are deprecated, I think we need to address
this issue here.  One of the biggest arguments I hear is that the use of
these items may cause your page not to be read by older text browsers or may
cause a problem with some readers or viewers.  This is not my area so I am
looking for guidance or discussion because seems everyone has an opinion on
this, but what is our position? How do we educate people on their use?

3.  Titles?  I do not see them addressed here.

appreciate your time and Happy Holidays!

Received on Monday, 14 December 1998 20:12:52 UTC