Re: Update on WAI & WWW8

I would be interested in doing a workshop or tutorial on the user agent

Jutta what does your tutorial cover?


At 02:39 PM 10/7/98 -0400, Judy Brewer wrote:
>This is a report on discussion with Jutta Treviranus, who Chairs the WAI AU
>WG and is also on the Program Committee for WWW8. I forwarded her all our
>suggestions on accessibility in WWW8 and this is the status so far:
>Based on the WWW8 /WAI coverage issues generated in WAI EOWG discussions
><> and discussions at
>1. Make sure the conference site & arrangements are accessible:
>JT: facility is new but contractor is tight on money and hard to reach;
>could be an issue.
>+JT will check with fellow who oversees convention planning subcontractor
>UPDATE: Jutta asks for conference preparation check-list for accessibility. 
>UPDATE: Judy will e-mail reference info tomorrow.
>2. Make sure the Web site is accessible:
>JT: The contractor hosts the Web site, but the Program Committee is in
>charge of it, and ATRC (Jutta's shop) has control of content and design, so
>accessibility should be good.
>+JT will double-check some of the old javascript they were given for forms
>3. Get accessibility listed as a program category:
>JT: not finalized yet
>+JT will do, and also get it listed as a criteria to be addressed in every
>single other presentation proposal
>DETAIL: This is the language that Jutta has proposed: "Please comment on
>accessibility and your topic. Are the technologies, standards or practices
>you are discussing accessible to individuals who use alternative display or
>control systems (e.g. people who have disabilities)? For more information
>see URL: [and there is a suggestion to Jutta to link
>something from WAI home page which gives guidance to paper authors]
>4. Mention accessibility in conference literature:
>+JT will find out who's the contact on this, and how to get theme visibility
>+JT will ask for an organizational chart and get contact names
>5. Have a plenary/keynote focusing on accessibility; or mention it in
>several keynotes:
>+JT will check on plenary planning. Program Committee (which JT is on) is
>handling that.
>UPDATE: Program Committee welcomes our suggestions but must be received
>today (Oct 7 or tomorrow Oct 8). We should e-mail suggestions directly to
>the three WWW8 Conference Co-chairs.
>6. Conduct a panel with different perspectives on accessibility (went well
>at WWW7, would need different focus)
>+JB will help with ideas
>7. Have a focused workshop or tutorial, advertise in advance
>+JT will do another tutorial (also will send materials from last one) 
>8. Have demos available
>+JT planning scheduled demos, less hassle, come see this one thing for one
>hour, etc.
>9. Also -- do something on developers' day
>+Ian Graham planning something, Jutta will send info
>10. Piggy-back a WAI meeting on WWW8
>+JB bring up at WAI CG: Consider IG, EO, AU, PF, ER's?
>+JB will call Murray directly
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