Re: Meeting? Sign-off? Review? Something?

Dear blond Kynn,

You should be signing off on the latest draft (currently 22 Dec) so that we
can actually finish this process. (so should everyone else, but so far I am
the only person whose explicit sign-off i have seen :-(

Please note that in producing another draft there may be rather minor
editorial amendments made. However suggestions of minor edits to be made
before people sign off are at this stage holding up the process.

(The definition of editorial amendment that we are working on is that it
could be done or ignored and the documnt would not be materially different)


Charles McCN

Australian blond.

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Kynn Bartlett wrote:

  I emerge from a pile of work and try to dive into ATAG things but find
  I don't know if the pool has water in it. :)
  No meeting today?  Do we need to check over a final document (the one
  posted 12/22) or are we still editing?  I feel so lost, what should I
  be doing right now? :)
  --Kynn, befuzzled california blond
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