minor edits


1. The first two sentences of the second paragraph are a bit awkward and
not in line with what follows. (First we say that the purpose is to have
..."more accessible content on the web" and then we list our multiple
goals). We used "users" instead of "authors". I would also question whether
the two sentences should be at the beginning of the paragraph. I suggest we
put them at the end of that paragraph and I suggest the following rewording:

"It should be noted that there are tools (such as text editors) that allow
motivated authors to create accessible Web content, and there are tools
that are accessible to users with certain disabilities, however, these
tools may not conform to this specification. This specification addresses
the needs of the largest population possible."

2. Grammar fix of second sentence of 3rd paragraph:
add "and by providing" before "appropriate documentation and help."

3. Just for flow I would add "however" to the last sentence in that
paragraph ie. "It does however"

4. In the first sentence of the 4th paragraph I would change "with" to "have"

5. In 1.1 get rid of the comma in the first sentence.


Received on Monday, 13 December 1999 17:14:16 UTC