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At 01:36 PM 11/30/1999 , Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>In fact we are saying "can be used by people regardless of disability". This
>has important bearing on the skill level discussion, since we do not require
>that a tool be obviously useful to anyone who picks it up.
>As an example, consider an image editor. It needs to be accesible to a blind
>user, by allowing them to edit properties of the image. But if it provides
>several different methods of colour selection (eg Pantone, RGB, CYKM) like
>some advanced (and even some not so advanced) tools, then it needs to explain
>how to use the methods, but doesn't need to explain what the difference
>between RGB and Pantone slection is - that is assumed in the skill levfel of
>the user. 

So is it okay for it to be considerably much harder to use if you're
a PWD, as long as you can use it?  (Confirming, not challenging.)

If my mom wants to make a web page have a particular shade of blue
background, she just points at that color on a color wheel and clicks --
if she were blind, she'd have to learn RGB codes most likely.  This is
the distinction you're making, correct?

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