proposal for priority section text to address "level of skill"

I today's call I took an action item to propose text for the priority 
section that addresses the open issue "What level of skill in producing 
accessible markup can the developer assume on the part of the 
author?"  Here it goes, beginning with existing text in the section to set 
the context:

Each checkpoint has a priority level. The priority level reflects the 
impact of the checkpoint in meeting the goals of this specification. These 
goals are:
That the authoring tool be accessible
That the authoring tool generate accessible content by default
That the authoring tool encourage the creation of accessible content

In creating a tool that meets the needs of its intended audience, the 
"average targetted user" of the tool has the necessary skills appropriate 
for that type of tool.  In today's environment, most authors will not have 
the appropriate knowledge to create accessible content and it is up to the 
tool to help them via methods appropriate to the type of authoring tool.

... rest of text from priority section....
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Received on Monday, 29 November 1999 17:43:55 UTC