Proposed Text for Section 1.3 (was Re: Meeting tomorrow)

aloha, bruce!

could you please clarify your request,

1) Add text to section 1.3 that states something like:  "this document is
meant to provide direction for tool vendors and, given the state of
authoring tools currently, should not be used by regulatory bodies to
specify conformance levels until appropriate".

why do you consider this caveat necessary?  what is to be gained by its
insertion into ATAG?

why should ATAG be tied to such a time-dependency, when its contents have
been carefully crafted so as to be as time-independent as possible?

why is it quote inappropriate unquote?  when will it become quote
appropriate unquote for a regulatory body to specify conformance levels
based on the ATAG?

good luck with the move -- i know from recent personal experience how
trying a move can be!
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