Re: 3.2 relative priority vs P2

Actually there are some structural features that are P3. I would prefer to
note the fact that in WCAG 1.0 structured features are P2 or P3 becuase

1) This is a reativ priority, and
2) Developers already need to understand relative priority - changing this
doesn't have any effect in the real world (although noting that there is no
P1 component does)

Charles McCN

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999 wrote:

  In reviewing the priority of "3.2 Help the author create structured content and
  separate information from its presentation", I was cross referencing with the
  WCAG and found
  all of them [3.1-3.7]  to be Priority 2, so... I propose we simply edit 3.2 to
  be [priority 2].
  I'm not lowering the priority, just simplifies the work for the developer in
  determining relative priority...
  Phill Jenkins,

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