Re: Relative priorities

aloha, phil!

while i don't have an issue with your rewording (it is, i think, somewhat
clearer than what is in the 14 October draft [reference 1], i do object to the
P3 example you chose, as i (and there are others who share this view) do not
think that the expansion of ACRONYMs and ABBRs should have been rated a P3 by
WCAG...  while i know that that is a fact of life that i have to live with --
at least for now -- i would prefer if you used a less contentious example of a
P3 authoring practice, such as:

Checkpoint 13.10: Provide a means to skip over multi-line ASCII art [reference
Checkpoint 5.6 Provide abbreviations for header labels. [reference 3]

i realize that i am probably over-reacting to an arbitrary choice (ACRONYM and
ABBR expansion is the first-listed P3 in the checklist), but i did want to air
my concerns...


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