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aloha, phil!

i don't think that the phrase "crucial information" is the red herring, so much
as the concern that no one will follow the hyperlinks to the referenced
documents, upon which the Techniques for 7.1 rely so heavily...

i, optimistically, perchance, am placing my faith in the simple fact that,
since developers will have to follow a bunch of links in order to understand
just what the hell 7.1 means, they will follow the links to WCAG and UAAG,
which i belive should be given prominence through an addition to the
introduction to GL7 -- for the exact verbiage, please consult my previous post,
which is archived at:


At 02:30 PM 10/18/99 Phil Jenkins wrote:
>The misleading phrase here is "people are calling crucial information".  Is
>the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines considered crucial? - yes, but that
>NOT a reason to include those checkpoints in both places. "Accessible Help" is
>less crucial than "keyboard access" to the functions of the Authoring Tool,
>the "keyboard access" checkpoint has NOT been added, nor should it be added
>Phill Jenkins,

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