Re: checkpoint 2.1

The reason for using W3C recommendations rather than those of other standards
bodies is that W3C standards are required to support accessibility, and are
developed by a vendor-neutral consortium. In addition they are required to
promote the interoperability of the web, which is a critical foundation for


Charles McCathieNevile

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999 wrote:

  checkpoint 2.1 says to use applicable W3C Recommmendations.
  Since these guidelines are being published by the W3C, this may
  give the appearance of bias.
  Are these guidelines meant to be adopted by companies not using 
  W3C technologies?  If so, I think the guidelines should be
  standards body neutral, as well as vendor neutral.  
  Peter M. G.
  p.s. Sorry if this has been discussed before, there's not enough
  time left to search the list archives.

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