Re: Comments on Guidelines 2.1 and 2.2 of 17 June AU Guidelines

My comments throughout - look for CMN and IJ

  On Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Ian Jacobs wrote:
    Reference Document:
    4) Checkpoint 2.1.3: Change from "Enable navigation
         and editing via the structure of the document" to
         "Allow the author to navigate and edit the
          document based on its structure."
    5) Checkpoint 2.1.5: I don't understand this checkpoint.
       What does it mean to edit the structure of the 
       document? How does this differ from editing the


There are two things at work here. The first checkpoint is to allow
navigation via the structure of the document, rather than simply sequentially
through all the content. I propose that we add an explanatory note to the
checkpoint "this checkpoint is minimally satisfied by allowing the author to
navigate from element to element" (which is currently stated as a technique.

I propose we remove the "edit" from 2.1.4. It is separate from navigation,
which is why the two were separated, and there may be a differeence in
priority as well.

    6) Change first sentence of Guideline 2.2 from
       "The first step towards producing content is conformance
        with standard, which promotes interoperability." to
        "Conformance with standards promotes interoperability
         and accessibility."
    7) Checkpoint 2.2.2: Change "Extensions to W3C Recs"
        to "Proprietary extensions to W3C Recs". I'm not sure
        why this is limited to W3C Recommendations, in fact.

CMN I agree with both of these proposals

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