Comments on Guidelines 2.1 and 2.2 of 17 June AU Guidelines

Reference Document:

1) In rationale text, I find the sentence that begins
   "There are strategies" not useful. It should be
   strengthened. (No proposal yet).

2) Checkpoint 2.1.2: Change from:

   "The author must be able to change the editing view without
    changing the presentational markup defined for the document
    currently being edited."


   "Ensure that the author may adjust the document
    presentation while editing without affecting the
    presentation specified for publication."

3) Checkpoint 2.1.3: Change "which" to "that".

4) Checkpoint 2.1.3: Change from "Enable navigation
     and editing via the structure of the document" to
     "Allow the author to navigate and edit the
      document based on its structure."

5) Checkpoint 2.1.5: I don't understand this checkpoint.
   What does it mean to edit the structure of the 
   document? How does this differ from editing the

6) Change first sentence of Guideline 2.2 from
   "The first step towards producing content is conformance
    with standard, which promotes interoperability." to
    "Conformance with standards promotes interoperability
     and accessibility."

7) Checkpoint 2.2.2: Change "Extensions to W3C Recs"
    to "Proprietary extensions to W3C Recs". I'm not sure
    why this is limited to W3C Recommendations, in fact.

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