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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 10:10:14 -0500
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CD 23858 

Bogotá 28 de abril de 2011


The World Wide Web Consortium 

Dear Sirs,

My name is Enrique Aranguren. I work for the Colombian National Standards Institute, ICONTEC www.icontec.org <http://www.icontec.org> , which is a non for profit organization in charge of preparing the technical standards aiming at improving the quality of life of society members. Currently, I am coordinating the Technical Committee 27 "Accessibility to Physical Means", which is in charge of preparing a standard for web accessibility, to become a mandatory national regulation. 

In the committee we have found that W3C has very important information that we could use in the preparation of our standard. In Colombia, this topic is really new and there is not any other information that we can use for our task, although this is extremely important for quality of life of Colombian people, due to a significant amount of people in our country has disabilities caused by landmines and the social conflict, due to old people population is increasing fast.

We have been reviewing the W3C recommendations. We have thought to include them in our standard on web accessibility. However, we would need to include your guidelines as requirements, taking into account that this document will become a mandatory regulation. Consequently, we need your authorization for translating these guidelines into Spanish (Colombian version), and changing the drafting of guidelines to requirements, so that they can be valid as regulations. Also, some modifications in the numbering would be necessary, when changing to the format of the Colombian standard. Also, the English text of guidelines would be included as an annex, as you have established.

Once the Colombian standard on Web Accessibility is be published, of course we would pay to you royalties based on the copies sold.

We really appreciate your interest and help, since we need to publish this new standard as soon as possible.

Best regards,



Enrique Aranguren L 
Profesional de Normalización  ICONTEC 
Tel.: (571) 607 88 88 Ext.:1448 
Línea de atención al cliente: 01 8000 94 9000 
En Bogotá: (571) 638 2919 
Carrera 37 N.° 52 - 95 
Bogotá - Colombia 
www.icontec.org <http://www.icontec.org>  

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