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Re: translations to turkish language ready

From: Thomas Ziegler <info@thomas-ziegler.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 16:30:39 +0200
Message-ID: <48D3B78F.9060809@thomas-ziegler.com>
To: w3c-translators@w3.org

Dear Coralie, fellow readers,

indeed, the translations definitely are getting reworked until they meet the standards set by the 
officials here at W3C for this section.

My scope is to provide translations wich are readable and understandable by native readers who are 
not savy enough to read the english originals. I'm not trying to invent non existing translations 
for international highly recognized technical terms like "Web", "Webmaster" and such things here. 
For me it makes no sense to invent an translation for "WML" just because the letter "W" does not 
exist in his native language.

Protecting a language from getting too much "internationalized" is sure a goal wich needs to be 
followed up to an certain extent, but I'm afraid readability of such heavily localized technical 
papers suffers a lot.

Localized versions of english terms do exist in all turkish translations as well such as "Web'in", 
"W3C'nin", "SGML'nin" and a lot more. If we provide a few more wich are not yet approved by the TDK 
(Turkish Language Association) but be commonly understood by a vast majority of turkish webmasters 
and programmers, then I guess we reached our goal and helped a few people out.

Surely my aim is as well to provide top quality translations made by native speakers. Since my work 
here gained more attention than expected I checked back with the original native translators and 
made sure what was obvious to me: No automated translation aids where used at all the translations 
I'm working on. It simply would not make sense for an native speaker to use them since editing out 
the mistakes and missings from these programs would take way more time than writing it from scratch.
Add on the top all the html markup where one needs to take care of that nothing get's jumbled.

Once the reworked files are ready I'll report back here again. After that I'll be happy if native 
speakers with expirience in working with CSS chime in and comment on the work.

Thanks to all who commented and provided suggestions, here at the list and by email.

Best regards,

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