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Thank you Richard.

Dear all, I will edit in the near future the information available at
so as to provide the information below.

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> All,
> Please note that there are separate instructions and process for  
> translation of material under  See  
> Note, in particular, that we host i18n material on the W3C site (so that  
> it is content negotiated, links to other translations as they are done,  
> and benefits from periodic changes to the boilerplate text, etc), and  
> that the starting point for translation is a PHP file that I will send  
> you, rather than the HTML displayed on the site. The PHP slightly  
> changes the format of the page for translations and significantly  
> reduces the work involved in translation (since a large amount of  
> boilerplate text is already translated)(this also improves consistency  
> of the navigation and other text).
> A couple of people have recently begun translations without being aware  
> of this.  If anyone is currently working on or contemplating working on  
> a translation of internationalization material under /International,  
> please let me know and I will get you set up as needed.
> Thanks,
> RI
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