Translation of W3C Working Draft

Dear Sirs,

The German project "Aktionsbündnis für barrierefreie Informationstechnik 
- AbI" ( works in several fields of 
web-accessibility in Germany.
For public relations of web-accessibility we have translated the 
  "How People with Disabilities Use the Web, W3C Working Draft, 10 
December 2004"

Please find the translation in the attachment:
Please tell me if it is possible to publish this document on your site 
and if is it possible for us to link to this document or to use this 
translation at our website (
We are also interested in further translations or localizations of 
WAI-documents or tools.

I look forward to hear from You.

Kindly Regards

Rainer Wallbruch

Rainer Wallbruch
Forschungsinstitut Technologie-Behindertenhilfe (FTB)
der Evangelischen Stiftung Volmarstein
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