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Welcome to Yahoo! Mail

From: ezequielmartingurevich - exxel-group argentina gaius julius ceasar <unesco_nato_norad_ez666@yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 19:46:54 +1000 (EST)
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To: Yahoo! <mailbot@yahoo.com.au>
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ezequielmartingurevich - exxel-group argentina gaius julius ceasar <unesco_nato_norad_ez666@yahoo.com.au> wrote:  

ezequielmartingurevich - exxel-group argentina gaius julius ceasar <unesco_nato_norad_ez666@yahoo.com.au> wrote: 


Yahoo! <mailbot@yahoo.com.au> wrote: 


Welcome to Yahoo! Mail Australia 
Your email address, unesco_nato_norad_ez666@yahoo.com.au, is now active and you can send and receive messages immediately! 
Below are some helpful tips to get you going and remember that if you ever have any questions, help is only a click away. 

Include a set block of text at the end of every message. You can include your contact information, favourite quote, or anything you want in your signature. Click on Options and then on Signature to find out more. 
Use folders to organise your messages. For example, you can create a new folder named "Friends" to separate your personal email from any other email you receive. 
Sort your incoming mail into different folders or block out unsolicited email. For example, set up your filters so that any new emails you get from your company are sent to your "Work" folder. Click on Options and then on Filters to find out how. 
If you can't find a particular message, but know who it's from or some words that are in the body of the email, use Search to hunt it down. You can also search for email addresses and phone numbers of friends you've lost along the way. 
Mail Away!
Start sending new messages immediately by clicking on Compose Mail. 
We'll keep you updated with all the newest features on Yahoo! Mail. Let us know if you have any questions or comments! 
All the best,
The Yahoo! Mail Team. 
P.S. If you're looking for help, click on our Help Desk 


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