Re: WCAG 1.0 Conformance (following discussion in WCAG WG)

Done also the single conformance pages:

Level A:

Level AA:

Level AAA:

Hope this goes online, for help italian people to read well this:

"Please note that use of this logo is not conditional on an automated
test. There is as yet no tool that can perform a completely automatic
assessment on the checkpoints in the guidelines, and fully automatic
testing may remain difficult or impossible. For instance, some
checkpoints rely on an interpretation of what "important" information
is, or whether the text equivalent for a non-text element is accurate.
It is also possible for automated accessibility checkers to register
"false negatives" or "false positives" due to the type of mark-up on a
page. For these reasons, the logos on this page are used to indicate
only a claim of conformance made by the author of a page, not a
machine-validated conformance."


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