I appeal that you read this messege, itīs a true story

My name is Steffani, Iīm a 25 year old phisician in Brazil. I just sent this email because Iīm moved with a story of "true love". Well I recived this mail from a personal friend of mine. Sorry if Iīm disturbing you, but I couldnīt help myself, thatīs why I sent this mail to every one I know, and now Iīm sedding it all around the world. For charity, help me readding this mail, and sedding it to all your personal friends. Thanks a lot for your attention. 
Sincerly Steffani Olsen

“My deepest faith is that we can change the world with truth and love” (Mahatma Ghandi). I come for way of this to count a true story of a couple. This is a true history of love that it needs to be changed, therefore in 25th of December of 2003 one landmark of the universal union, will be the consecration of the perpetual misfortune for these two.
 True love needs your help “All for love or the world will desapear”(Dryden).
The begining was not so different, Peter and Meg met in the cinema, both were alone that day, and the movie was “Sleep Less in Seatle”. They were searching for the magic of the cinema, and what the two did not give account, is that what they were really searching of fact, was the true love: a perfect bilateral delivery in a world of lies, something real where they could be themselves, without multifaceted masks. In way to this anxiety, when the charcter of Tom Hanks speaks of the magic of love and the heart of them goes off, they feel presence one of the other. In an empty cinema, in a scene almost blues, it shines for something or for some bigger feeling. When Peter looked back he sights Meg. The two looks crosses and both become paralyzed one in the other. As one of these only moments in the life, if you already had one of them you will know of what I am speaking. At the same time they had been felt terrified, for the possibility of discovering much more than capricious and abstract happyness, with something as a brief look, how could they be feeling so invaded for something so flaming and pacifying at the same time. And what should be one calm afternoon,  became one capital punishment, therefore the film was passing by and they were not giving attention at all, they were thinking about their personal dilema, that was one only. “If I let her go away, and never sees she again”? If I let him go away, and never sees he again”? Peter takes courage and approaches, and the magic between them happens. What it was to be ruined with a missed word, with a mistak or a mistaken attitude, a placed opinion or a badly formed one, becomes placed to an increasing feeling, unmeasured fascinating one . And the perfection, like a soft music installs, between the two, not leaving space for anything else, unsted the certainty of this feeling. 
There it starts a history of confessions and recognition of parallel souls, that joins, and claims to become one. The weeks passed by, everything happened very fast, each meeting seem the first one, each farewell seem the last one. Meg has a suffered life, she is a fighting secretary, orphan, and attends a course in a communitarian center computer lessons, and its dream is to know more about her father, who abandoned her in Brazil, because his wife a brazilian had died. With so great pain of it, he left her in an orphanage and came back toward to his native country in the North America. Her only hope is her father, therefore what she knows of her mother is that the parents of her mother already had died, in an car accident. After a complicated  pregnancy, as she found in the registers, her mother died in the childbirth and Meg survived. Meg dreams about knowing her father. 
Peter comes from a more structuralized family, he lives with his parents, that already comes creating problems due to the relationship with Meg, since the beginning. It is important to disclose that his mother Joana is a nurse and his father is a taxi driver pensioner John, Paula his sister is unemployed and helps her mother in the domestic tasks and Peter is a salesman of automobiles. Since that he decided to live with Meg, their lives had become as hell, therefore the family alleges that Meg is an opportunist, who is trying to take off advantage of him. 
Everything got worse when they had married hidden in the religious and the ordinary one. Soon after this Meg got pregnant. An apparent calmness had installed in Peterīs family, when this discovered about the wedding and the pregnancy of Meg the acceptance of his family seemed real. And the visits to Peterīs parents had become a constant. Until one day in the third month of pregnancy, Meg felt sick, and Joana medicated her. In the same day Meg went to the hospital and had aborted, she discovered from the doctor that her abortion was induced for some abortive. She refuted that it was impossible, but soon she remembered about her mother-in-law. Peter hearing this had got crazy, and went to the house of his mother, he entered in her room and he went direct to the valise, and there he saw one packing known abortive. Peter got mad,  and tried to take off satisfaction with his mother and she defended saying, that it was the proper Meg that asked for for this medicine, she spoke to me that she did not want to have the baby now. Peter left crushed, and when he came home argued with Meg, she said that his mother wasnīt saying the truth, and their relationship entered in crisis. And to complete what was already bad, he got fired. And the difficulties had started to increase, however they loved one to the other very much , and although all the difficulties, it still  exists a maximum feeling.
Peter saves started to finish, and he started to feel useless, and the visits of his sister Paula did not help at all, therefore it only brought intrigues. The last malignant seed that she implanted, was when Meg arrived saying that Mr Charles her boss, had given her a lift. Paula suggested to Peter that they could be having an affair. She said “is well probable that this woman is having a case with him, now I have to go, therefore I do not have these comforts, and will have to take some rain”.
After this they had had one another fight, where Peter finished displaying what his sister said. Victim of an injustice Meg said why your family hates me so much. 
Poor devoid girl, badly wise person who the problem was not with her. They had broken up themselves when together Paula with its mother had been until the apartment of them, taking a ex-girlfriend of Peter, when Meg was not home. Kelly the ex had just formed in medicine and was inviting Peter to the ball. Peter was stoned with it, and got nervous about his mother and sister. He was polite, but he refused and soon they went away. When Meg arrived from her work, and said that Mr Charles had again given her a lift, Peter went furious, and them they had fought again. Resulting in the exit of Peter, and the come back to his parents house. He thought about calling Kelly and to accept the invitation, as he confessed me, but also in confession said that he adored each gesture of Meg, each step, each form, each thought and he couldnīt get away of her. But unhappyly the vile strategy of his family had functioned, therefore Peter had come back to his parents house. 
Meg suffered as I never saw before somebody suffers, I arrived to remember my proper feelings of pain, when my husband had died in an airplane accident, when he went to visit his mother, that one more time staged an illness, to call the attention the her son. And as in a plot of fifth a life gave its tragic and ironic end. In that day I also died, and I know what can happen with these two, if they break up themselves. 
The time passed and Peter started to date Kelly and to remake his loving life, while the professional life went slope below. And Meg continued and redirected her forces for the professional life, while its affective life decayed. 
As in a dream, them if they met again in a cinema, and the past that seemed deceased, remakes it self more strong than in the beginning... 
The love of them remakes, and Peter leaves Kelly and return to Meg. In reply the parents of Peter moves out of city. To get worse the company who Meg worked closes, and she finished dismissed. 
After this, every day Meg and Peter leave in work search, poor Peter heīs in this situation for a while, as much that his making any thing, as to cut lawn to obtain money. As they did not have money to pay their rent, Peter finishes contracting a loan to remain theirselfs. 
Two months later Meg obtain an inferior job as secretary, but the wage of it could only pay the supermarket, not the rent. The rents had started to be behind and I decided to help them with what I could, a little for the rent and another part for the purchases of the house. My reserves start to finish and I am already being worried about a situation thatīs only worsening, mainly because this only got worse every time. Meg discovers that she is pregnant of one month, and the situation with the parents of Peter aggravates even more.
            One month after the news of the pregnancy, a letter executioner arrives in the hands of Peter where his mother said that he could come back to live with them alone, although that he separates from Meg, if he stays with Meg he should forget about his parents house, the doors for he  would be closed, and for Meg and the child, one more time we believe that this woman is using you, you can be a father of a son that is not yours, Peter you must come back with Kelly. 
When Meg have known about the content of the letter, she had a crisis and enters in depression, and her situation could aggravates placing risk the pregnancy. Peter and I went very worried about the situation of Meg. Having seen the situation I decided to give a job for Peter and displayed that I could not pay much, therefore cause I am a simple writer. He accepted and will go to work with me, as helping catching correspondence, and organizing my office. What he will be excellent for the comfort because it will be able to watch over for Meg, therefore I live in the apartment next to them. Meg can come back toward house after interned by a time, unfortunily to get worse she finishes fired because she missed many days of work in the hospital. 
Working with Peter, I was more aware of the situation of them, and knew that they had a process of ousting in progress, and sadlely I discovered that the day of the Christmas will be desolating, therefore in the 26th they will be poured. Peter is despaired , because even if Meg stays with me, since she does not have nobody in the world, my apartment is very small so he knows that he coudnīt stay here too, thatīs why heīs cogitating in being with his parents, what might be able to aggravate the depression of Meg even more, putting in risk her and their baby lifes. 
What I come admiring in Peter is the love that he feels for Meg, and what lately I have inquired myself is why two souls that loves so much each other has to separate and remain separated for a cursed whim of the life, and to remain splited for the simple fact they really feel true love one for the other.
We need to change this, to change this end, in this empty world of souls, of empty souls, life has to have a bigger feeling, I appeal to you that is reading this right now, I cannot make nothing alone, but you can make it happens  joining with many others. We have to change the story of Peter and Meg, my idea is the following one, you can send any amount, any ballot, even if is not much, this small amount can change the life of Peter and Meg, and bless a future that had the cradle in the maximum union of love, in the unit of two. 
Thru the long path of our lives we lose the capacity to believe in true feelings, in the truth of love and to be loved, in the madness of the unknown, the existence of another being made specelly for you. Everything becomes unreal, and at some moment of our lives we take this as the only existing reality, and thus we grow without faith, and finally we take account that the way is arduous and lonely, that we study, that we graduate, them little by little we give up of ours dreams, or we are vain to give up of our wildest dreams, but those dreams are still real in ours souls. We cross every day with thousand of people who tread the same way, but they had not had the happiness of findind love, as well as Peter and Meg. Should we judge them guilty for that? Or leave the world condemns them simply for the fact that they really love each other, and ironicly at a period that true love and fraternity should reign in Christmas. I invite you to change this story, together with me, and if every thing work properly, many others will be helped, today you could be helping with a ballot of any value, but tomorrow you can be helped, and for that I extend this invitation,so if you want to send your story, it will be verified about the veracity of this and the authenticity of the facts, and being chosen you could be the next one to be helped by this “net”. Do not forget to send your story with your “contribution” for Peter and Meg, so later thousand of others will be helped. Send your letter to this post office box any value, please, for charity do not forget to send this to all your friends too. 
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