Problems plus asking for permission

Hello translators,

I'm sorry that I have to write so many letters to you, but that is
needed to ensure a translation's quality.

Two questions about 'W3C in 7 points'. If you can help please write to, not to the list.

1.  Flexibility is the necessary companion of distributed systems,
and the life and breath of the Internet, not just the Web.

Sounds a bit strange. Can you suggest any exact
translations/rephrasing please?

2. 'Cooler multimedia'.

Can anyone paraphrase please? We don't have the word 'cool' or 'cooler' in Russian.

I saw a lot of translations of WAI QuickTips. As far as I know they
are not listed on W3C TR page, so will you give me a permission to
translate the tips?


Received on Friday, 7 September 2001 07:28:07 UTC