Re: Spam on the list

Hello Alexander,

This is a good idea, and we are already doing that.
The problem is that the two recent spam mails came
in despite this arrangement; we are currently investigating
why this happened and what we can do about it.

Also, please note that people who just want to send
a single mail don't have to subscribe to the list.
Mails from non-subscribers get to me, and I forward
them to the list (if they are not spam, of course).

Regards,   Martin.

At 19:15 01/09/03 +0400, TheCroll [] wrote:
>Hello, translators.
>I suggest to do the following.
>Why not set the w3c mail server to accept the letters from the people
>who subscribed only?
>In this case the people who will want to submit a translation will
>be forced to subscribe. But this isn't a problem.
>Best wishes.

Received on Monday, 3 September 2001 23:34:35 UTC