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Thank you very much for your translation.

I was in the process of doing it too, too bad coordination, and lost 
time for other works.

So I will point on yours and stop mine. Please when someone is 
starting a translation say it first on the Mailing-List. Second for 
french translation go on

Thank you.

At 09:49 +0900 2001-07-23, "J.J.SOLARI" <> (by way 
of Martin Duerst wrote:
>This is to inform you that I have performed a translation of W3C CSS1
>Recommendation into French.
>It is visible online at:
>For convenience, as the document by itself is quite heavy (228kb), there
>is also a zipped package at:
>Short story:
>I have started the translation after reading so many times articles in
>french newsgroups where people would ask for help about common CSS
>Most would neither be comfortable with english or technically savvy, so
>reading such documentation would be at least a tedious experience.
>I was about to finish the job when I only dared to look at W3Cs' pages
>on copyright and translation procedure issues. I must not have followed
>the right way :-(
>Nevertheless, I did my best regarding the copyright issues and other
>requirements (and the translation too :-)
>Translation note:
>The whole Recommendation has been translated, except Appendix F. This
>section is about the errors and typos which were corrected for the 1999
>Revision. Since no french translation for the 1996 version had ever been
>done, it seemed difficult to refer to something that never existed!
>Also, the meaning of some english words or expressions wouldn't have the
>right french equivalent. So, I have appended these english terms to
>their french counterpart, like:
>"traduction [ndt. translation]".
>I am not sure that it is considered an annotation though.
>Hoping for the green light,
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