Re: Russian explanations

At 11:19 7/3/2001, Martin Duerst wrote:
>But the advertisement is really bad, just in general and even
>more so because it overlaps with the W3C icon (at least on my
>browser). I think there should be a sentence at the top that
>tells the reader who provides this nice service, but on the other
>hand makes clear that this is not part of W3C. I just haven't
>thought up a good wording yet. Joseph, do you have any idea?

I think that the material at the bottom of the page, if moved to the top 
would do the job. Since it is using the W3C icon *and* the W3C style sheet, 
it looks very much like a W3C page, but then the odd banner would make it 
appear not to be, but the effect is confusing instead of clarifying.

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