Translation plan for JIS/TRs

METI (Ministry of Economical Trade and Industry, Japan) appreciates
the large prevalence (or expected prevalence) of your RECs, PRs and CRs:
  - XHTML Basic
  - XHTML Modularization
  - DOM 2
  - XML Schema
  - XSL
  - SVG
  - XPath
  - Xlink
and instructed the committees in INSTAC/JSA to translate them into
Japanese Language and draft JIS/TRs (Technical Reports).

JIS/TR is almost similar to ISO/TR, and it means that Japan (Japanese
government) authorizes and approves the technical specification.

Responding to the METI requirements, I wish to start the works as soon
as possible, in cooperation with your staff, in particular, with a
splendid support of Mr. Martin J. Duerst. Thank you.

The JIS/TR X 0008(XML) is requested to be revised including the changes
in your 2nd edition and to be a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard).

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Received on Wednesday, 16 May 2001 02:54:17 UTC