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Dear Mr. Kobayashi,

Many thanks for your effort to start translation of the XSL

At 01:35 01/05/09 +0900, Masayasu Ishikawa wrote:
>Tokushige Kobayashi <> wrote:
> > Is it OK to translate partially the XSL specification into
> > Japanese, and to refer to the translated material from our
> > tutorial?
>Partial translation should be OK, so long as you follow the requirements
>described in 5.6 of the W3C Intellectual Property FAQ, at:

I agree with Masayasu that it is okay to make a partial translation.
As a volunteer effort, and for a large spec, this is the best way
to work towards an eventual complete translation. Other volunteers
could contribute missing parts.

In addition to the requirements in the W3C Intellectual Property FAQ,
please make sure that you clearly say that it is a partial translation,
and that it is clear which parts are translated, and which parts are

> > May we summarize, in behalf of translation, the some part of
> > the XSL Specification that seems to us unimportant for
> > users of XSL Formatter?
>It sounds similar to annotation.  5.8 of the W3C Intellectual Property
>FAQ might be relevant in this case.
>I think so long as those summarized parts are clearly represented
>as such, i.e. clearly distinguishable that those are not literal
>translations but summaries, that should be OK.

Yes. The summaries could either be in a separate document, or could
stand in for those parts that are not yet translated fully. Later,
somebody could replace them with the actual translations.

Many thanks again and kind regards,     Martin.

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