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At 17:34 1999/11/11 -0500, Sotiris Makrygiannis wrote:
> Hello 
> My name is Sotiris Makrygiannis ,aged 25 years old & Greek origin,  and I am
> working as web-designer in Finland, Helsinki.I am interested to help
> translate some of the HTML specifications and if is possible to translate
> the History of the Web. I have experience , almost 3 years, as freelance
> editor in the Cyprus magazine Ploigos Pliroforikis (Navigator of
> Information) and I will enjoy to translate some tags or the History of the
> Web. The tags pages can be any that you wish. 
> I most interested about the History becouse alike the subject and I believe
> in the slogan " if you dont know the past, you dont know the future".
> Please give me some more information and instructions how I can help.
> Friendly,
> Sotiris Makrygiannis    
> p.s.
> My name in english it can be translated as "Save us LongJonh" :-)

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