Chinese Version

Hi, everybody,

Happy new year!

I am so sorry to write this letter again. I finish the draft Chinese
translating before Jul. 31th, 1997, and updated about this April. I
wrote letters to w3c, send compressed Chinese version and announced
here. But my link is not be add to the page yet. I check every three
months. Once, my link is on, but now, the link is disappear.

But I don't know, why, there are two unlinkable link in Chinese version
is there. Translate this things is free, and for interesting. But the
way like w3c is very rude. I do really angry with them even I am
interpreting CSS specification now.

I announce here again, the right Chinese version should be found in and the mirror is .

Ok, we are all computer guy, I don't want see this thing happen again.

yours Yule Show

Received on Monday, 28 December 1998 09:55:01 UTC