XML Translation in Italian

Dear Sirs,
We wish to comunicate to you that we offer our work to translate your
Extensible Markup Language 1.0 Recommendation, released  10 Feb. 1998, in
our mother tongue , i.e. italian.
We are a group of universitary students in Electronic and Informatic
engineering ( besides some young students in Statistical and Economical
Science ) of Palermo University ( Italy ) : we are currently attending to an
ASEIT ( Advanced School Of Electronic And Information Technologies ) course
at CRES ( Center for Electronical Research in Sicily ), that you could
virtually visit to www.cres.it .
We will make it free on the web, according to your statements, whenever it
will be ready.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Alfredo Gambino, gambinod@cres.it
Rosanna Grigoli, grigolid@cres.it
Angelo La Manna, ngl_lamanna@usa.net
Aurelio Lo Tuso, lotusod@cres.it
Christian Martinez, martinezcd@cres.it
Danilo Martinez, martinezdd@cres.it
Fabrizio Oddo, oddod@cres.it
Marco Pinocchio, pinocchiod@cres.it
Claudio Prestigiacomo, prestigiacomo@usa.net
Giuseppe Prinzi, prinzid@cres.it
Simona Ramberti, rambertid@cres.it
Alessandro Riolo, aleriolo@hotmail.com
Flavio Scrima, scrimad@cres.it
Giuseppe Setticasi, setticasid@cres.it
Guido Spoto, gspoto@bluechip.infoservizi.it
Dario Tagliavia, tagliaviad@cres.it
Massimo Terranova, terranovad@cres.it

Please, any contact to Alessandro Riolo, aleriolo@hotmail.com

Received on Thursday, 29 October 1998 04:56:44 UTC